Adomas Danusevicius

  • Untitled (15), oil on canvas, 50x45, 2016

  • Untitled (58), oil on canvas, 50x40, 2016

  • Untitled (53), oil on canvas, 40x40, 2016

  • Untitled (50), oil on canvas, 40x40, 2016

  • Untitled (64), oil on canvas, 100x100, 2016

  • Untitled (1), oil on canvas, 50x60, 2016

  • I am tired of frogs who pretends to be princes, oil on canvas, 55x50, 2016

  • Untitled (40), oil on canvas, 130x105, 2016

  • Untitled, oil on canvas, 60x55, 2016

  • Untitled (42), oil on canvas, 145x125, 2016

  • Please ask and I will tell, oil on canvas, 110x130 cm, 2012

  • Ghetto, oil on canvas, 140x170 cm, 2012

  • Gymnast’s loneliness, oil on canvas, 152x116, 2013

  • Gymnast’s loneliness II, oil on canvas, 152x116, 2013

  • Gymnast’s loneliness III, oil on canvas, 152x116, 2013

  • From cycle 'Camouflage masculinity', oil on canvas, 45x49, 2013

  • Love triangle, oil on canvas 155 x140, 2013

  • Love triangle II, oil on canvas 155x140, 2013

  • From cycle 'Iron John', oil on canvas, 15x22, 2011

  • Untitled, oil on canvas, 110x90, 2012

  • Gymnasts, oil on canvas, 90x80, 2008

  • Woodmen, oil on canvas, 155x127cm, 2013


Adomas Danusevicius (b. 1984) - is a painter of the young generation who made a strong debut on the Lithuanian contemporary art scene already as a student. He held several solo shows in Lithuania and Denmark, and took part in dozens of group...



  • Education
  • Awards
  • Solo shows
  • Group shows


  • 2012 – 2017 Vilnius Academy of Art, Postgraduate art studies
  • 2007-2009 Vilnius Academy of Art, Master program of Painting studies
  • 2003-2007 Vilnius Academy of Art, Bachelor program of Painting studies

Prizes and scholarships

  • 2013 Annual State scholarship appointed by Lithuanian Culture ministry, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2012 Public Prize at international contest ‘Young painters prize’12’, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2009 ‘Award of Dalia Gruodiene’, Vilnius, Lithuania

Solo exhibitions

  • 2017 ‘Camouflage Masculinity and Campish Dazzle’, Titanic exhibition hall, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2017 ‘Penies Mushroom Series’, The Rooster Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2014 ‘Camouflage Masculinity’, Oslo house gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2014 ‘Camouflage Masculinity’, VDU gallery 101, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 2014 ‘Camouflage Masculinity’, Culture and Communication center, Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • 2012 ‘Carmine’, gallery ‘Larm’, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2012 ‘Paintings by Adomas Danusevicius’, gallery ‘Vartai’, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2008 ‘Carmine’, paintings exhibition by Adomas Danusevicius and Alina Melnikova, gallery ‘Tulips&Roses’, Vilnius, Lithuania


  • 2017 April. International art fair YIA Brussels #9, The Rooster gallery, Square meeting center, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2016 December. ‘On the table’, The Rooster gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2016 October. International art fair YIA Paris #7, The Rooster gallery, Carreau du Teple, Paris, France
  • 2015 October. Exposition at international art fair YIA’15, Paris, France
  • 2013 October. ‘Young painters prize’13’ finalists exhibition at Contemporary art center, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2013 September. Kaunas biennial, kaunas pictures gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 2013 July. ‘From dusk till Dawn’, Contemporary art centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2013 April. ‘JCE Klaipeda’13’, Klaipeda’s culture and communication centre, Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • 2012 September. ‘(How did i get here) painting in Lithuania’, Contemporary art centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2012 October. ‘Slick Brussels’ – contemporary art fair, gallery ‘Vartai’, Brussel, Belgium
  • 2012 January. ‘Artist and the city’, gallery ‘Arka’, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2011 November ‘Neu Now’ – the online festival, an innovative platform for talented graduating artists
  • 2011 May. ‘East by South West: curated by Vienna’11’, Knoll gallery, Vienna, Austria
  • 2011 February. ‘Upcoming’, Klaipeda’s culture and communication centre, Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • 2011 January ‘Zugzwang, exhibition of young Baltic artists, ‘Polymer’ factory, Tallin, Estonia
  • 2010 October. ‘Nr. 10’ – exhibition of ‘Young painter’s prize’10’ competition finalists, ‘Titanic’ exposition hall, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2010 October. ‘Young painter’s prize’10’, exhibition of the competition finalists, ‘Pamenkalnio’ gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2010 November. ‘Ideal perspective juggle’, art festival ‘Virus’, ‘Siauliai art gallery’, Siauliai, Lithuania
  • 2010 October. ‘Zugzwang’, exhibition of young Baltic states artists, ‘CommuneArt’, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2010 September. ‘Ideal perspective juggle’, Jonas Mekas visual art centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2009 July. ArtVilnius‘09′ international art fair, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2009 December. ‘Artists for human rights’, exhibition of art works based on human rights theme, Ministry of Foreign affairs, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2009 December. ‘Artist for human rights – without censure’, exhibition against homophobia and censure of the art works, Gallery ‘Kaire desine’, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2009 June. ‘Art cells’ group exhibition of Vilnius art academy graduates, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2009 October. ‘Young painter prize’ competition and exhibition of the finalists, ‘Pamenkalnio’ gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2007 November ‘Familiar painting’, young Polish and Lithuanian artists exhibition, Telsiai, Lithuania
  • 2007 June. ‘[In]visible’ – exhibition of the best students of Vilnius Art Academy at ‘Arts Printing House’, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2007 July. ‘Vilnius faces’, non-commercial art festival, Church of Saint Spirit, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2006 ‘Shoot or Shout – No Escape’ – young Estonian and Lithuanian artists exhibition, Arts Printing House, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2006 Workshop in Katowice, Poland
  • 2004 Performance ‘Platform: Ground floor’, Arts Printing House, Vilnius, Lithuania