Ieva Trinkunaite

  • Breathing, mixed media on canvas, 135x118, 2022

  • They have different opinions, mixed media on canvas, 190x150, 2021

  • Nida's dunes are home to the mysterious lynxes, mixed media on canvas, 135x120, 2022

  • Dreaming of Persia, oil on canvas, 78x99, 2023

  • Kitty rescue, pastel on canvas, 140x124, 2022

  • Endless nostalgia, oil on canvas, 80x96, 2022

  • A friendly kiss, oil on canvas, 83x97, 2023

  • Mountain island, oil on canvas, 83x97, 2023

  • Lake at night, pastel on canvas, 117x130, 2023

  • Earthy, pastel on canvas, 190x165, 2022

  • In the gardens, mixed media on canvas, 200x150, 2023

  • Valley, mixed media on canvas, 76.5x87, 2022


Ieva Trinkūnaitė (b. 1997) is an artist representing the young generation. After completing her graphic arts studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2020, she has been working with rotogravure printing techniques, making mixed media drawings,...